T-Mobile, YouTube Bury the Hatchet

After claiming that Binge On, T-Mobile’s new optional service that delivers video in 480p resolution and zero-rates the streams of dozens of OTT partners, was akin to “throttling,” YouTube has partnered up after T-Mobile altered some elements of the program.

In a blog post about YouTube’s decision to join Binge On, Christian Kleinerman, product management director at YouTube acknowledged that the initial implementation of T-Mobile’s program “raised questions from both users and video services, including YouTube” and that it thought users needed more help understanding how the program worked.

YouTube, Kleinerman said, has agreed to join the program after T-Mobile improved “notice and choice for users,” including an easier way to toggle the service on and off (they can switch settings via an SMS short code and with two clicks from the T-Mobile app and one click from the my.tmobile.com site, for instance).

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