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Synacor Adds Grab Networks Content

As multichannel operators look to add more over-the-top and online content to their offerings, Synacor, a provider of online portal and TV everywhere solutions, is partnering with web syndicator Grab Networks to provide operators with additional content for their portals and web sites.

The deal highlights both the importance of TV Everywhere deals and the increasing demand for higher quality web syndicated programming for operators as they try to boost traffic to their web and mobile offerings.

In a briefing, Ron Frankel, CEO of Synacor noted that operators are looking for more web and mobile content as their customers spent more time viewing video online and on mobile devices.

Heavy streamers of online content spend nearly twenty minutes a day viewing video and on mobile devices and Nielsen data showed a 41% increase in 2010 in this usage and more than a 100% increase since 2009.

"Partnering with Grab Networks enhances our already robust portal offering for Synacor clients" and significantly expands the amount of content available to those operators, noted Frankel.

Synacor currently works with over 40 cable and telco partners on their online video offerings and portals.

As part of the partnership with Grab Networks, Synacor clients now have access to several million monthly video streams from some 220 providers over Grab's automated video delivery platform.

The content is short, about three to five minutes long and is professionally produced, from such companies as Reuters, Scripps and the Weather Channel, with a particular emphasis on lifestyle, travel, health and relationships, notes Alvin Bowles, CEO of Grab Networks.

"Because it is professional content from major providers, there is not risk of inappropriate content coming up," which is a constant concern with user generated content from sources like YouTube, stresses Bowles.

The content is also compatible for delivery to mobile devices and tablets for both the Apple iOS and Android platforms.

Frankel notes that supplying the web syndicated content to operator's web sites allows them to enhance their TV Everywhere offerings by combining longer-form authenticated content from major broadcasters and cable networks with professionally produced short form lifestyle, sports, news and other clips.

"We are very bullish about the ability of MSOs and telecoms to compete as provider of video on the web," Frankel notes. "Once they have the great programming [for authenticated subscribers as part of TV Everywhere deals], they can build up their own portals by supplementing them with free video so that their customers don't have to go all over the web for their video."

The growing traffic to these operator run web sites and portals could also open up opportunities for increased online ad revenues, adds Bowles.