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Syfy Strikes Deal With THQ

Syfy and video game publisher THQ have struck a deal to
develop original properties for use across all media platforms. The deal will also
take established video game properties, and adapt them for other platforms.

The first franchise to make the jump will be de Blob,
which will be developed under the Syfy Kids banner.

"This deal with THQ is an important foundation in building
the Syfy Kids brand and delivering cutting-edge, interactive, story-telling
experiences that live beyond the linear television screen," said Dave Howe, president
of Syfy. "Syfy Kids will bring the wonder and excitement of imagine-based
entertainment to a whole new generation of born digital consumers who expect
their media on any platform, any place, anytime."

Syfy also announced a deal with digital entertainment studio
Worldwide Biggies to launch a new property, Dr What, across the
traditional and interactive media properties.

"Worldwide Biggies has taken the traditional
development model for creating an intellectual property and really flipped it
on its head," said Albie Hecht, CEO and Founder of Worldwide Biggies Inc.
"Our goal is to embed our characters with transmedia DNA and launch as
innovative digital content, then take them to traditional formats. We feel Dr.
is a great representation of our Gametoon technology and we are very
excited to be partnering with a company like Syfy that truly understands where
the future of children's entertainment is at."