Survey Highlights Cable’s Big ‘Small Cell’ Opportunity

Cable operators are well positioned to produce a new revenue stream through partnerships that support the rollout of small cell networks designed to beef up the capacity of mobile networks in concentrated, high-traffic areas, a recent Amdocs/Real Wireless survey shows.

According to a survey of 40 national and large cable operators and mobile network operators (MNOs) in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, about 70% of the MNOs are prepared to use small cell networks rolled out by or owned by a third party, such as a cable operator.

Of the mobile network operators surveyed, about 70% expect to have “significant” small cell deployments underway by 2018, though many predict a slow rollout due to several technical and operational challenges. The MNOs surveyed identified several challenges that could hinder the speed of small cell rollouts, including project management (65%), negotiation with partners (45%), and “various technical aspects” (40%).

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