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Survey: 90% of TV News Producers Prefer One Mention of a Product Per Brand

to recent survey conducted by Vidicom, 90% of TV news producers said
they prefer only one mention per product per brand when using branded
Satellite Media Tours (SMTs).

survey, which polled producers in the top 20 TV markets, found that
while the number one reason for using SMTs is the need for content, half
of the producers surveyed only want one product mentioned for each
branded segment. Producers said that they will tolerate embedded product
only if they are unable to produce the content themselves and it is
compelling enough.

spend millions of dollars each year on talent and production for
satellite media tours, but often forget that more than one brand mention
per product can be a turn off and result in a segment being sent into
the ether," said Christy Ferer, CEO/founder, Vidicom.

survey also discovered that anchor-expert interaction is key to getting
branded segments on the air. "Our on-air reporters need to have time to
ask questions and be able to get a word in so that we can provide our
audience with informative info not just product plugs," said one
producer from WTOL Toledo.