Skip to main content Upgrades Nexus Platform has released the newest version of its cloud-based Nexus Service Delivery Platform with improvements that are designed to help operators provide better remote support tools for mobile devices and advanced workflow automation systems for diagnosing and solving technology problems.

The new version comes at a time when consumers are increasingly using mobile and other devices to access video. Operators are looking for better ways to improve those customer experiences and handle the technical problems of supporting hundreds of different types of devices.

A number of operators are also launching new premium tech support services, which can both create new revenue and strengthen customer retention by improving the overall consumer experience.

"More than ever consumers and business users depend on technology to enrich and manage their lives, so when they reach out for support, it's a moment of truth in the customer experience," said Josh Pickus, president and CEO of in a statement. "The investments we have made in the Nexus Platform are targeted at removing barriers to delivering best-in-class technology support, so that technicians can focus on delighting customers. The latest release of Nexus incorporates what we've learned powering millions of support experiences for some of the country's leading brands."

Upgraded features include new tools to improve the efficiency of tech agents to remotely diagnose and configure settings for Android-based smartphones and tablets; simplified workflows tools; and real-time analytics.