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Super Bowl XLVII Was Most Social Ever

The Super Bowl XLVII is officially the most social event
ever, producing 24.1 million tweets, according to a blog on Twitter's site
posted by Omid Ashtari, head of sports and entertainment at the company.

By the beginning of the second half, the number of tweets
had already passed last year's totals, Ashtari noted.

Those tallies do not include the halftime show or the ads. Beyoncé's
halftime show generated 5.5 million tweets.

The game also highlighted the coming of age of social media
in advertising. The blog noted that of the "national broadcast ads that aired
during the game, approximately half had a hashtag included in them, up from one
in five last year."

Not surprisingly, the highest volume came from the power
outage, which produced 231,500 tweets per minute, followed by the 108-yard
kickoff return by Jacoby Jones for a Baltimore Raven touchdown (185,000 tweets
per minute), the end of the game with the Raven victory (183,000 tweets per
minutes), Jacoby Jones caching a 56 yard pass for another Raven's touchdown
(168,000 tweets per minute) and a Frank Gore touchdown for the San Francisco
49ers (131,000 tweets per minute).

The evenings most mentioned players were (in order): "Ray
Lewis (@Raylewis), Joe Flacco (@teamflacco), Colin Kaepernick (@Kaepernick7)
and Jacoby Jones," according to Ashtari.