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Super Bowl XLVI Most Streamed Game Ever

NBC Sports is reporting that the first ever live-stream of the Super Bowl was also the most watched single game sports event ever, with 2,105,441 users, according to data provided by Omniture and mDialog.

Overall users watched over 78 million minutes of the action online, which was available at both as well as

Those impressive numbers were, however, dwarfed by the television audience, which was the most-watched television program in U.S. history with 111.3 million viewers.

"The Super Bowl XLVI live stream exceeded our expectations in every way," said Kevin Monaghan, senior VP of business development and managing director digital media at NBC Sports Group, in a statement. "Increasingly, sports fans are looking to digital coverage as a complementary ‘second screen' experience, and we delivered on that promise with unprecedented robust coverage."

Monaghan also noted that the traffic "grew throughout the event" and they recorded "the record high engagement numbers," with more than 39 minutes per visit.

NBC also reported that the 2,105,441 unique users of the live stream online produced 4,589,593 live video streams online for a total of 78,624,422 minutes streamed

Users also viewed some 1,838,812 on demand clips and were heavy users of the feature that allowed them to switch camera angles, with user-generated camera switches totaling 1,835,676.