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Super Bowl Auto Ads Dominate Social Media Usage

Spots from auto companies airing during the
Super Bowl outperformed most other advertising categories on social media,
according to an analysis by social media analytics company Socialbakers.

analysis of cumulative Facebook and Twitter data showed that auto brands as a
whole, including Volkswagen, Jeep, Dodge, Audi and Kia had almost 1 million
Facebook shares and 4,851 tweets, combined.

their analysis also showed that the Budweiser Clydesdales spot, "The
Brotherhood," had more than four times more shares on Facebook and Twitter than
the next most shared spot, which was the commercial for the movie Fast &
Furious 6

analysis also showed that many more people viewed the ads on YouTube than
shared them on social media.

by shares on Facebook as of Feb. 4th, the top five ads were: the 2013
Budweiser's The Clydesdales: "Brotherhood", with 3,147,562 Facebook
shares; followed by Fast & Furious 6, with 739,032; Volkswagen with 462,198;
Jeep "Whole Again," with 220,802; and Taco Bell's "Viva Young" with 208,010.

terms of YouTube views, Volkswagen had 8,373,067 views, Audi's "Prom"
got 7,321,366 views and Budweiser had 5,484,153.