Super Bowl 50 Also Home to Super Wi-Fi Usage

Super Bowl 50 was a big day for Von Miller, Peyton Manning and the rest of the Denver Broncos, but it was also a big day with respect to the amount of data that fans consumed at the game’s venue – Levi’s Stadium.

Comcast, citing networking partners and industry experts, said that more than 10 terabytes of data (up and down) traversed the stadium’s Aruba Networks-powered WiFi network that day as Super Bowl attendees tweeted, streamed video and shared photos to their heart’s delight.

“That’s a staggering amount of data, equal to streaming 6,000+ hours of HD video (more than 8 months worth) or almost 1.2 Million 2-megabyte images,” John Guillaume, vice president, product management at Comcast Business noted in this blog post. “A lot of that volume was generated by the free Super Bowl 50 Stadium app – which allows fans to order food, watch the Super Bowl commercials and replays, and check lines.”

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