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'Super Agent' Puts Reps Through NFL's Paces

Finally, there's revenge for every devoted football fan who's had a favorite player traded from their team at the hands of a sports agent.

Spike TV delivers Super Agent, which shows Detroit Lions rookie Shaun Cody casting fear into the shark pool as he looks to find an agent.

Over the course of the reality show, the former USC All-American defensive lineman is presented with nine prospective peddlers and several opportunities to evaluate their abilities. Throughout the eight episodes, which culminate with action on National Football League draft day, Cody puts the candidates through a set of tasks to test their negotiation and talent-evaluation abilities, as well as their personal skills in handling and relating to his friends and family.

The would-be reps range from the alpha male who spends every moment endlessly boasting about his resume, to apprehensive soft-spoken candidates who explain to Cody why they lack experience while simultaneously trying to convince him they can handle the job.

It's quickly apparent that he recognizes that some could barely negotiate an extra toy in his Happy Meal, much less a sponsorship with Under Armour.

And while Cody may have lucked out in getting an assist from Spike in choosing representation, his biggest handoff comes from the host, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez. The five-time Pro Bowler is most credible with plenty of off-the-field TV experience (ABC's Married to the Kellys, Home Box Office's Arli$$ and ESPN's NFL Countdown).

He's also sharp enough to point out veteran nuances and rookie mistakes like when a team makes a presentation with a list of franchises, including the “Baltimore” Colts.

It also appears that Cody received a lot of coaching when Gonzalez isn't around. The rookie mirrors his well-poised mannerisms and intelligent tone each time he tactfully explains why he's giving someone the ax.

The inevitable elimination phase of the contest-style reality show proves to be particularly fun after hearing the group members do their best to undermine and backbite each other. One actually admits to having “butterflies” as he awaits word on whether he's going to be discarded.

A sports agent who can't take being cut by a college senior is going to be in a tough spot negotiating with a Nike rep. It's unfortunate that true sharks like Drew Rosenhaus and Scott “I'm So Money” Boras were unavailable for the show.

Super Agent's premiere coincides with the opening of NFL training camps on Spike TV Friday, July 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.