Study: VR’s ‘Tipping Point’ Still Years Away

Though there is strong interest in and momentum behind the virtual reality market, the tipping point on mainstream adoption is still years away, Greenlight VR found in a new 10-year outlook on the emerging sector.

The research firm sees the total number of VR headsets on the market, including mobile VR devices (such as the Samsung Gear VR) and tethered head-mounted displays (such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) growing from 2 million this year to 136 million in 2025.

Of the two categories, mobile VR headsets are poised to dominate the market, Greenlight VR found in the just-released 2016 Virtual Reality Industry Report.

Mobile VR headsets (not counting Google Cardboard units) will rise from 1 million this year, to 122 million in 2025, while tethered VR headsets increase from 1 million in 2016, to 13.6 million in 2025, Greenlight VR said in a forecast co-authored with Road to VR.

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