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Study: TV Everywhere’s Getting Somewhere

Consumer awareness of authenticated TV Everywhere services remains a good news/bad news story — it’s on the rise, but still has a steep hill to climb.

In its first-quarter study on video trends that based findings on a survey of more than 3,140 consumers, TiVo-owned video search and recommendations specialist Digitalsmiths found that awareness has jumped 16% over the past two years, but almost half of consumers (44.5%) still are in the dark. And, while almost a quarter of subscribers have downloaded their pay TV provider’s app, the vast majority still haven’t taken that step. (See charts.)

For those that do download the apps, Digitalsmiths’s study also shed some light on which TV-oriented apps were the most popular in the period. ABC, at 6.5%, led the way, followed by CBS (5.7%), Hulu (6.1%), WatchESPN (5.5%), HBO Go (5.4%) and NBC (4.5%).