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Study: Streaming Player Market Stays Hot

Nearly one-fifth (19%) of TV viewers now own at least one digital media player from three major suppliers – Roku, Google (the Chromecast adapter) and Apple (the Apple TV), filling a market need for TV-connected streaming devices that are less bulky than gaming consoles or Blu-ray players, GfK found in a new study.

According to an executive summary of the report, Digital Media Players 2014, Roku had a 6% share of the market, versus 5% for the Chromecast, and 4% for the Apple TV. The survey, conducted from late September to early October 2014, also factored in lesser-known brands as well as recently launched products such as the Amazon Fire TV. Amazon began to ship its new Fire TV Stick last month, calling it the fastest-selling Amazon device ever.

On a broader level, the number of homes streaming content to their TV sets has jumped from 8% in 2010, to 37% in 2014, GfK said.

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