Study: Netflix Still Big On The Big Screen

Nearly 80% of Netflix streaming users in the U.S. watch the OTT service on a TV set, a level that’s held fairly steady in recent years, Leichtman Research Group found in a new study that surveyed 1,211 households nationwide in April.

But those numbers have declined a bit as Netflix continues to proliferate on a variety of device types. LRG noted that 85% of Netflix subs viewed the service on TVs with Internet connectivity in 2012, and 88% in 2010. According to the study, about 48% of consumers who don’t take a pay-TV service subscribe to Netflix, versus 29% in 2012, and 16% in 2010. Additionally, 15% of Netflix subs surveyed also acknowledged that they share their subscription with others outside their households.

LRG’s study, Emerging Video Services VIII, also found that 47% of those surveyed subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime and/or Hulu Plus.

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