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Study: Most Consumers Willing to Pay for Online Viewing

A just-released study of online video consumers in eight countries found that a majority are willing to pay for the privilege, but most also still want to view full-length content on a TV set rather than a computer.

The Accenture survey found that 69% of those polled were prepared to pay a subscription fee to watch video over the Web, and 45% said they already were. About half (49%) put the price point in the $5-$10 dollar range, with 41% looking to pay under $5 and only 10% saying they would pay more than $10.

The caveat, Accenture said, was that to pay for that content, the respondents said that quality needed to be at a maximum and ads at a minimum.

The survey found that for viewing full-length videos or TV series, 72% preferred the TV set, 41% a laptop, 25% a tablet and only 12% a smartphone.  

Accenture exec Francesco Venturini said that given their control of networks and access, cable and telco companies have "the edge" when it comes to being identified as a trusted provider of online video service.

The study was an online survey of 7,500 consumers in Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S, identified as a "representative sample" of the population in each country.