Study: Linear TV Viewing Still Matters As Cord-Cutting Trend Expands

Although cord-cutting is on the rise, the amount of viewing of regularly scheduled broadcast TV has remained fairly stable, Ericsson found in its fourth-annual ConsumerLab survey, which tabulated results from a mix of online and in-home interviews conducted in more than a dozen countries.

According to the study (PDF), 83% said they watch scheduled broadcast TV on a more than a weekly basis, up from 79% in 2012, and the same percentage in 2011.

"Linear TV still has an important role for consumers, and we don't see any decline in frequency of usage. For example, as many as 36% of respondents feel that watching live sports is a very important part of their TV habits," Anders Erlandsson, senior researcher at Ericsson ConsumerLab, said in a statement.

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