Study: In-Home Traffic Via Smartphones, Tablets Catching Up to PCs

The post-PC era is well underway as usage continues to gravitate to devices such as tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and specialized streaming players, according to a new study from bandwidth management firm Sandvine.

Windows PCs are still the biggest generator of downstream traffic in the home, at 18.49%, Sandvine found in the study—Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight: Inside the Connected Homewhich built its findings on anonymous data collected in July from almost 500,000 North American homes.

But that lead appears to be fleeting, as downstream traffic on Windows PCs are now followed by iPhones (12.54%), Android devices (11.33%), PlayStation 4 consoles (6.23%), iPads (5.39%), Xbox One consoles (4.66%), Roku devices (4.29%), Macs (3.73%), Samsung-made smart TVs (2.31%), and Apple TV boxes (2.27).

With upstream traffic added in, Windows PCs still lead the way with 19.67% of traffic, followed by iPhones (12.77%), Android devices (13.05%), PS4s (5.78%), iPads (5.62%), Xbox One (4.38%),  Macs (4.02%), Roku devices (3.9%), Samsung TVs (2.10%) and Apple TV (2.06%).

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