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Study: Connected TV Devices Eclipse Pay TV Set-Tops

About 65% of U.S. TV homes now have at least one TV connected to the internet via a gaming console, streaming player, Blu-ray player or through an integrated link, up from 44% in 2013 and 24% in 2010, Leichtman Research Group (LRG) found in a new study.

Amid that surge, there are now more connected TV devices in the U.S. than pay TV set-top boxes, LRG said. Across all households (including those that do not have any of these devices), the mean number of connected TV devices per household is 2.1, while the mean number of pay-TV set-top boxes per household is 1.8. 

Of homes with a connected TV device, 74% have more than one device, with a mean of 3.3 per connected TV household, according to the study – HD and Connected TVs XIII – which based its findings on a survey of 1,206 adults in the continental U.S. in homes with a TV set.

About 77% of TV sets in pay TV homes use an MVPD’s box, with a mean of 2.2 boxes per pay TV home.

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