Study: ATSC 3.0 Features Will Push Smart TV Spending Higher

Fancy features that will come with ATSC 3.0 are poised drive higher spending on smart TVs and put more consumers in the market to buy them, according to an online survey from SmithGeiger.

The study, based on answers from 1,201 broadband customers, found that ATSC 3.0 features would compel respondents to spend $205 more than they orignally planned for a smart TV, and that the intent to purchase over the next 12 months would rise to 74%, up 19% from the orignial baseline.

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ATSC 3.0 is an emerging, next-gen broadcast TV transmission standard that will support access on mobile devices, targeted advertising, higher-resolution video and immersive audio, and advanced forms of conditional access that could open up new business models for broadcasters.

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