Study: Amazon Makes OTT Strides

Netflix continues to generate the most wireline traffic in North  America – and continues to do so  by a wide margin – but Amazon Instant Video is starting to make some inroads, Sandvine found in its just-released Global Internet Phenomena Report 2H 2014.       

The report, based on anonymous data tabulated from Sandvine’s 250-plus customers around the globe over the course of a month, found that Netflix gobbles up 32.39% of aggregate traffic (downstream and upstream) on North American fixed networks, about where it was the last time the bandwidth management firm issued this report about six months ago.  

Also on an aggregate basis, YouTube was second (13.25%), followed by HTTP traffic (8.47%), BitTorrent (5.03%), Facebook (2.94%), SSL (secure socket layer, a protocol that nails up a secure channel), iTunes (2.55%), MPEG (2.44%), Amazon Video (2.37%) and Hulu (1.2%).

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