Study: 61% of Frequent Binge-Viewers Millennials

A survey conducted by Miner & Co. Studio — a strategic research, marketing and brand consultancy — found Millennials made up 55% of binge-viewers and 61% of frequent binge-viewers.

The study — Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Binge-Viewing Is Our New Favorite Addiction — defines binge-viewing as watching three or more episodes in one sitting. Seven out of 10 U.S. TV viewers consider themselves binge-viewers.

In addition, the survey revealed 17% of binge-viewers binge on a daily basis, while 63% do so weekly and 90% monthly.

Nine out of 10 of binge-viewers watch a minimum of 10 hours of TV weekly.

The binge-viewers were sorted into three categories: streamers (35%, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon), marathoners (18%, binge on TV marathons) and DVRers (16%, binge via DVR).

Two out of every five surveyed were willing to pay more if they could immediately access full seasons of their favorite series rather than wait for new episodes.

Frequent bingers were twice as likely to watch commercials and four-times as likely to upgrade cable subscriptions than infrequent viewers.