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Study: 21% Of Pay-TV Subs Use TV Everywhere Monthly

More than one-in-five (21%) pay-TV subscribers use their provider’s authenticated TV Everywhere service at least once per month, NPD Group said in a study released Monday.

NPD, citing a survey of 4,205 pay-TV subs conducted in December 2013, noted that pay-TV customers who also subscribe to a subscription-based, over-the-top video service also tend to be the most active users of TV Everywhere services.

According to the study, three out of four SVOD homes also have a pay-TV subscription, and 25% use their provider’s TV Everywhere service at least once per month. Additionally, three-in-ten of SVOD users also tap TVE services on a weekly basis, versus only two-in-ten among TVE users that don’t also take an OTT SVOD service.

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