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Streamworks Selects Level 3's CDN Services

Streamworks has inked an agreement with Level 3 Communications to use its content delivery network (CDN) to deliver live, uncut video news feeds to digital publishers as part of its premium breaking news video service, Associated Press Television News (APTN) Direct.

The Associated Press introduced live broadcasting via satellite in 2003 when it covered the invasion of Iraq in real-time, and in October 2011, AP partnered with Streamworks to utilize its proprietary encoding technology and services to deliver live video to online, mobile and tablet devices.

"As digital publishers turn to APTN Direct for live, uncut news, they will have greater flexibility to provide an immersive news experience for their audiences with high-quality viewing across a variety of devices to engage with them on social platforms," said Ray Mia, CEO of Streamworks in a statement. "The addition of Level 3's CDN provides the bandwidth, worldwide connectivity, security, and control to help monetize customers' content."