Streambox Enhances News Acquisition Solution

Streambox has announced some major updates to its line of professional video encoders and decoders for video and news contribution so that they now include advanced HD video scaling and automated NTSC or PAL format transcoding.

"Our new updates offer a way to improve and simplify overall workflows by allowing users to eliminate third party products to transcode their video from NTSC to PAL," explained Bob Hildeman, chairman and CEO of Streambox in a statement. That would allow "Streambox customers [to] receive video content from a variety of sources including iPhone, Android, software and hardware encoders from all over the world."

Hildeman also noted that the new advanced video scaling features would make it much easier for users to capture video from the field from iPhones, IPad 2 or Android devices.

As a result of the upgrade, user can "can send video without worrying about capturing video in high resolution or format conversion. Users will have the ability to capture SD video from the field using low bandwidth IP networks and upconvert the video at the studio to full HD output, maintaining their high quality video output standards," he explained.