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Streambox Develops 3D Encoder

Contribution specialist, Streambox has developed a low-latency full resolution 4:2:2 HD 1-RU Encoder/Decoder that is capable of delivering 3D content over IP using no more than the bandwidth needed for high definition video.

"The Streambox single device solution with full resolution and 4:2:2 color is the only true 3D contribution system on the market," Streambox chairman and CEO Bob Hildeman noted in a statement. The company developed the product after seeing growing interest in the market for 3D contribution and transmission solutions.

"The full-frame HD 3D low-latency video compression enables much higher quality 3D video contribution over IP while reducing bandwidth and transmission costs," Hildeman added. "Streambox allows 3D content to be delivered within pre-existing HD bandwidth infrastructures currently being utilized for 2D. Essentially, if you have a 2D HD workflow, Streambox 3D can be implemented without acquiring additional bandwidth or equipment beyond Streambox 3D transport for full HD 3D video transmission."

The encoder/decoder offers forward error correction and bandwidth shaping technologies to mitigate packet loss, network jitter and buffering. The encoder captures the full-frame left and full-frame right HD 3D video from the source and compresses it into a single synchronized transport stream or file. The single stream is received and decoded by the HD 3D Decoder as full-left and full-right playout. The option for side-by-side monitoring is also available and the solution supports 5.1 embedded audio.

The product will be available for purchase in December.