Stop Mega Comcast Coalition Forms to Squash Merger

A group of opponents to the $45.2 billion Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger have officially formed their own coalition against the deal, calling for federal regulators to reject the merger outright.  

The Stop Mega Comcast Coalition consists of 15 separate entities, many of which have filed individual objections to the deal with the Federal Communications Commission in the past, including public interest groups like Washington watchdog group Public Knowledge; distributors like Dish Network and Hargray Communications; independent cable networks like TheBlaze and Weather Nation; labor unions such as the Writers Guild of America and industry associations like NTCA—The Rural Broadband Association.  

But in a twist that sets them apart from other opponents of the deal, Stop Mega Comcast isn’t looking for the FCC to implement strict conditions on the deal, like Title II. They don’t believe Comcast-Time Warner Cable should be approved under any circumstances. 

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