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Starz Nears 1 Million OTT Subs

Starz is nearing 1 million OTT subs, a milestone achieved roughly six months after the premium programmer introduced a new app that supports a new direct-to-consumer subscription offering as well as TV Everywhere, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht revealed last Thursday (Oct. 27) on the company’s Q3 earnings call.

Update: The story originally reported that Starz had surpassed 1 million OTT subscribers, but has been changed to note that the premium programmer is approaching that milestone. 

Albrecht said Starz is also seeing OTT gains from a digital distribution deal with Amazon that was announced in December 2015 through the e-tailing giant’s new Streaming Partners Program

“Our success in this area is buttressing our core Starz Network business, which continues to perform very well,” Albrecht said. “Our digital distribution initiatives are performing well, complementing the way we work with traditional distributors and providing consumers with additional ways to access our highly rated content.”

Later in the call, Albrecht said he was contractually prohibited from saying how much of Starz’s OTT subscription mix was coming way of Amazon or its own efforts with the new app.  

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