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SpotX Providing Programmatic For Pluto TV in Latin America

(Image credit: ViacomCBS)

SpotX said it has made a deal with ViacomCBS’s Pluto TV to provide monetize viewership in Latin American by providing a programmatic connections to advertisers and media buyers.

The companies said the agreement opens up new opportunities for buyers to place ad campaigns in Spanish-language OTT content and reach a new audience of streaming viewers.

Pluto TV launched in Latin America last month. It plans to have more than 70 channels by the end of the year in countries including  Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela, and Brazil.

“As a company that’s focused on creating the very best television experience, we partnered with SpotX to support the launch of Pluto TV in Latin America because they have unmatched expertise in driving programmatic demand for OTT and can help us efficiently maximize our platform’s advertising capabilities,” said Felipe Cortelezzi, director AVOD Monetization at Pluto TV Latin America. 

SpotX’s Demand Facilitation services will bring a diverse group of clients to Pluto TV, including marketers in the auto, retail, consumer packaged goods and entertainment categories, which helps avoid showing viewers the same commercials over and over.

“Pluto TV offers an exceptional viewer experience to audiences and consumer demand for their content is high,” said Ryan Kenney, VP, Platform, at SpotX. “We’re excited to partner with Pluto TV again as they expand into Latin America by connecting advertisers with their premium, brand-safe inventory tailored for highly engaged, native language speaking audiences.”

SpotX has been doing business in Latin America for the past two years.