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Sports Illustrated Launches Front9 Mobile App

In the run-up to The Master, the Sports Illustrated Golf Group has launched its first app for the iPad and iPhone dubbed the Front9. The app, which is part of a push to expand the company's digital offerings, brings golfers nine essential items they need to know each week.

The app will be sponsored and includes e-commerce applications and is available at the iTunes Store for a single charge of $2.99, the remaining weekly updates are free. Fidelity, TaylorMade and Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday have signed on as initial launch sponsors.

The weekly must see list of nine items, includes news, instructional tips, equipment analysis, travel deals, games, apps and other features.

The first weeks issue will include an in depth look at the masters, a look back to Jack Nicklaus's 1986 victory, advice on winning the office Masters pool, instruction on how to play the five best shots in Masters history, an equipment focus on the importance of wedges at Augusta, a Masters viewing guide and insight on what courses to play on your trip to Augusta.