Sorenson Media Upgrades Video Encoding Platform

Sorenson Media, which develops video encoding platforms widely used in the production and media space, has begun selling its new Sorenson Squeeze 8 video encoding solution.

Key additions to the new version, which are designed to streamline high-volume workflows and improve video encoding, include: seamless Squeeze Server integration, which maximizing encoding power by allowing users to offload encoding jobs to a separate server; adaptive bitrate encoding; support for the increasingly popular x264 codec; and enhanced GPU acceleration.

In terms of adaptive bit rate encoding, the product now offers support for the three leading adapting bitrate streaming platforms, Adobe Dynamic Streaming; Apple HTTP Adaptive Streaming; and Microsoft Smooth Streaming platforms.

The product has also been redesigned to improve the user interface and make it easier to use.

"Sorenson Squeeze 8 packs more punch than ever," noted Randon Morford, Squeeze product manager for Sorenson Media, in a statement. "The full product's integration with Squeeze Server moves the most painful and time consuming encoding tasks to a separate server, freeing up the productive capability of the computer and allowing users to focus on more strategic tasks, while our x264 optimization tools provide greater control than ever over all the key encoding parameters of H.264."

The suggested retail price for Sorenson Squeeze 8 is $599, a $200 drop from the suggested retail price of the previous version.