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Sorenson Goes To The Cloud for Video Encoding

Sorenson Media is launching the Sorenson Squeeze Server On Premise video encoding solution that is integrated into its cloud-based offerings. The cloud-based capabilities are designed to make it easier and less costly for companies to expand their video encoding capacity.

"With Squeeze Server On Premise and our hybrid solutions, we have made it intuitive and seamless for major media organizations and other enterprises to augment their internal resources and capabilities with unrivaled encoding and transcoding power, whenever and however they need it," said Peter Csathy, president and CEO of Sorenson Media in a statement. "This hybrid model empowers the enterprise to maximize previous hardware investments and benefit from all the power and flexibility of on-premise and cloud-based functionality, powered by industry-best Squeeze technology-saving our users considerable money and headaches."

Squeeze Server On Premise allows users to handle on their encoding workflow - from queues to video management and business rules - through a single dashboard with a common set of APIs. It also handles a wide array of input/output format types, including H.264, Flash and WebM, and is designed to optimizes playback on various devices.

It works with both of Sorenson Media's cloud-based enterprise encoding solutions-Squeeze Managed Server or Squeeze Solution Pack.

"This is really a new way of thinking about maximizing return on investment," said Csathy in a statement. "Companies can use the server infrastructure they already have and grow their operations further in the cloud with a single, high-quality solution that is unique to Sorenson Media. We're breaking new ground here that goes well beyond encoding - we're helping companies realize cost efficiencies on a massive scale by enabling them to trade significant investment associated with capital expenses for operational expenses that are flexible to the needs of the business at any given time."