Sony Adds Camera, Controllers to PlayStation VR Bundle

When Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced pricing and availability for its long-awaited PlayStation VR headset March 15, many observers noted a problem: the $400 headset bundle included neither the PlayStation Camera nor the PlayStation Move motion controller, both crucial components to the PlayStation 4’s VR experience.

SCEA assuaged those concerns March 18, announcing it would offer a $500 bundle of the PlayStation VR, including both the PlayStation Camera and two PlayStation Move motion controllers. Limited preorders for the $500 bundle start March 22.

“At $499.99, this bundle provides an unbeatable value for those of you looking to get right into VR gaming with your PlayStation 4,” John Koller, VP of marketing for SCEA, wrote in a blog post. “Since we’re including one of our top PS VR launch games, PlayStation VR Worlds, we know you’ll have a great experience right out of the box.”

Sony has more than 230 developers and publishers working on VR content for the system, covering more than 160 titles in development. At least 50 of those titles will be available when the system launches in October.