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Solarflare Improves OpenOnload

Solarflare has announced improvements in its OpenOnload software that can double NGINX and NGINX Plus performance for high demand web and video on demand traffic.

“We are excited to see Solarflare providing such comprehensive and clear performance improvements for our customers and users,” said Paul Oh, head of business development at NGINX. “Application performance, control and reliability have a direct impact on the success of today’s digital businesses. Solarflare and NGINX are working together to provide the best possible set of tools to help these companies take full advantage of the modern Web.”

The company also notes that Solarflare’s OpenOnload accelerates applications by bypassing the overheads of the Linux operating system.

That allows NGINX users to improve site and application performance and provide IT managers with a way to do more with existing computing resources.

NGINX and NGINX Plus are used at over 140 million sites worldwide, including CloudFlare, Airbnb, Pinterest, GitHub, Hulu, WordPress and