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SocialGuide Turns Twitter Chatter Into TV Rankings

Will TV viewers get hooked on their next favorite primetime series based on the aggregated comments of millions of Internet users?

SocialGuide founder and CEO Sean Casey is counting on it. His Brooklyn, N.Y.-based startup is combing through the comments of around 14 million people per month on Twitter and Facebook, through those sites' public interfaces, to create a live look at which shows are drawing the most buzz -- at least among the chronically Net-connected set.

SocialGuideAll told SocialGuide, which launched in early April, follows some 90 million social TV comments per month, tracking broadcast networks and more than 150 of the most popular cable networks, according to Casey.

Based on that data, SocialGuide presents a real-time ranking of shows' relative "social engagement" within a two-hour period. The site tracks more than 4,500 unique programs that aired on TV across the U.S. in a given week.

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