Sm2 and RRsat Carry HD Sports With Less Bandwidth

Global Communications Network is working with international sports
distribution and syndication services provider Sm2 Sports Media
Solutions and their teleport partner TV2GO in Canada to deliver a number
of major sporting events in HD, including 2010 NFL season games to
international markets, with MPEG-4 technologies that dramatically reduce
the amount of satellite capacity needed.

"Using MPEG-4 with very
high modulation we have been able to transmit 20 Megabytes [per second
of HD video] on 9 MHz [of satellite] capacity and that is something very
very unique," notes RRsat Vice President of Sales and Marketing Lior
Rival in an interview. "Usually on 9 MHz, you could only transmit 9 or
10 Mbps but with the modulation we use, we transmit 20 Mbps in MPEG-4,
which is equal to 30 Mbps in MPEG-2. So we are able to deliver very high
quality HD broadcast on smaller satellite capacity."

Sm2 and
RRsat used the technology to transmit the U.S. Open and the PGA
Championship and currently are using it to transmit NFL games to
international markets.

"There are few companies with teleport
specialists worldwide capable of supporting this [low capacity
solution], which is why RRsat is such a valuable partner in making
MPEG-4 transmission a reality," noted Susanna Mandel-Mantello, owner of
Sm2 Sports Media Solutions in a statement.