Sling TV Subject to Content Restrictions

Dish Network confirmed that certain shows offered on A&E and some other channels aren’t available to Sling TV subscribers because of digital rights restrictions.

“Certain content on A&E and LMN and other select channels can't be streamed on Sling TV due to rights restrictions,” a Sling TV spokesperson said via email. “However, when possible, these channels will offer other programming in place of the restricted content.”

TechHive, citing posts on the Reddit cord-cutters forum, reported on this limitation with the Sling TV service on Friday, noting that some but not all of shows such as Criminal Minds on A&E are restricted, and the same is true with certain movies and episodes of Intervention on LMN. On Monday at 10 a.m. ET, Criminal Minds (a show originally produced by CBS) on A&E was not available on Sling TV due to those rights restrictions, and it appeared that the content had been replaced by a sales pitch for a pressure cooker.

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