Sling TV Spots Take Aim at 'Evil' Promotional Pay TV Rates

Sling TV, Dish’s slimmed-down OTT-TV service tailored for cord-cutters, is kicking off a new national ad campaign that targets promotional pricing by its cable rivals.

In a spot featuring Danny Trejo, the actor known for playing villains and anti-heroes, goes right after the cable guys:  “People say I’m evil. I say evil is how cable companies trick you with a low rate and then, bam, your bill is over 100 bucks a month,” he says, before the spot transitions to Sling TV’s typical calling cards – no contracts and no set-top rentals.

To wrap it up, Trejo says: “Enough is enough. Stop paying too much for TV,” then proceeds to rip up a cable bill. Watch the spot below:


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