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Sling TV’s Lynch Highest Paid Dish Exec

In perhaps a nod to the direction the pay-TV market is headed, Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch was the most highly compensated Dish Network executive in 2016, more than lapping chairman and CEO Charlie Ergen’s haul in the period.

According to its annual proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday, Lynch took home $4.2 million in total compensation in 2016, more than double the $1.7 million he earned in the previous year and twice that of the $1.65 million earned by Ergen. Lynch, who has headed Sling TV since its launch in 2015, steered the over-the-top service to about 1.18 million subscribers this year, according to some estimates.

Lynch’s base salary rose to $528,846 in 2016 from $486,538 in the previous year, but the real increase came in the form of option awards and on-equity incentive plan compensation. Lynch received $2.7 million in option awards in 2016 (up from $535,183 in 2015) and $1 million in non-equity incentive compensation (up from $0 in 2015).

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