Sling TV to Launch HBO by Saturday

Sling TV, Dish Network’s new OTT service for cord-cutters, said it will launch HBO service before Saturday (April 11) in tandem with a batch of app updates that will enhance the service while also reducing the load on its servers to ensure that Sling TV will be able to handle streaming spikes.  

The expected timing of Sling TV’s HBO launch will also ensure that the premium network is spooled up ahead of this Sunday’s season five premiere of Game of Thrones. Sling TV announced last week that it will offer HBO for $15 per month, but still requires that customers also bundle Sling TV’s core $20 per-month service. HBO on Sling TV will feature one live stream of HBO and access to the premium programmer’s VOD vault.  

By comparison, HBO Now, HBO’s stand-alone, unbundled OTT service that launched Tuesday (April 8) and does not feature a live linear stream of HBO, is initially available via Apple and Cablevision Systems Optimum Online broadband service for $14.99 per-month.

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