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Sinclair Selects T-VIPS

T-VIPS America has announced that the Sinclair Broadcast Group has purchased and installed several T-VIPS products on a network that allows the broadcaster to share programming among its central Florida stations.

The Sinclair deal included multiple T-VIPS CP505 ATSC Processors, TNS546 Transport Stream Monitors and TVG425 ASI/IP Gateways. The equipment is being installed by TI Broadcast Solutions Group, an Atlanta-based systems integration firm and is expected to be online in early October.

"As we roll out our new technical operations facility in West Palm Beach, we were looking for a solution to transport and monitor ASI/IP streams to multiple locations," said Don Roberts director of television systems for Sinclair Broadcast Group. "We're always looking for ways to make our operations more efficient without impacting on-air quality. We've used T-VIPS devices for many years and have been very happy with their performance, reliability and value. It was a natural choice for us to continue working with T-VIPS."

The T-VIPS CP505 processors are being used to convert incoming programming via IP network to an ASI stream while the TNS546 Transport Stream monitors are used to monitor the integrity of the input programming data and the TVG425 units enable Sinclair to easily convert between ASI and IP data streams.