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Showtime To Debut 'UFO' Docu-Series

(Image credit: Showtime)

Showtime will premiere in August a documentary series from J.J. Abrams that explores the fascination behind unidentified flying objects, the network said. 

The four-part series, UFO, debuts Aug. 8 and explores unsettling theories of a subject that recently reached national headlines, and what clandestine influence the American government, lucrative private companies and the military may have in shielding the truth behind extraterrestrial phenomena to further their own agendas, according to Showtime.

The series follows the bombshell New York Times story in 2017 revealing that the Pentagon had been secretly tracking UFOs for years, and examines the history of the phenomenon through cultural and political touchpoints, including testimony from eyewitnesses across the country.

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UFO is a co-production by Bad Robot and Zipper Bros Films. The Showtime streaming service will release all four episodes of the new series UFO to its subscribers at midnight on Aug. 8, prior to its on-air debut on the premium channel that evening, said the network.