Showtime Syncs Up With ‘Homeland’

Showtime is bringing another level of interactivity to Homeland as the premium programmer finds new ways to pair the popular series to Showtime Sync, its companion application for iPads, iPhones and LG Smart TVs.

Showtime Sync for Homeland, whose fourth season premieres via two new back-to-back episodes on Sunday (Oct. 5), will let viewers share select video clips from the show as it airs via social media platforms. Showtime said this is the first time an app has made immediate clip sharing available from a connected TV.

The app, which syncs up with the show, will also provide viewers with exclusive episodic commentary from executive producer and showrunner Alex Gansa, and give viewers the ability to predict plotlines for future episodes, participate in polls and answer trivia questions, and compete against other viewers to earn points and win “custom-designed badges.”

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