Shout! Factory Streaming Launches on Amazon, Apple TV

Independent content distributor Shout! Factory is making its streaming service available on both Apple TV and Amazon, the Los Angeles-based cult and classic TV company announced Sept. 28.

The Amazon offering of Shout! Factory TV will be available to Amazon Prime members for $2.99 a month, and includes exclusive access to several films, including Women’s Prison Massacre, Saturn 3 and The Eagle Has Landed. The Apple TV app is free, with ad-supported content.

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Shout! Factory’s TV series include Route 66, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Father Knows Best, Thunderbirds, and Home Movies, while movies available in the streaming service include Death of a Salesman, Stagecoach, Day of the Dead, Quadrophenia, along with several Jackie Chan and Godzilla films, the Werner Herzog Collection, and several Roger Corman films.

Shout! Factory TV is also home to documentaries (The Decline of Western Civilization, The Night James Brown Saved Boston) and stand-up comedy shows (Steve Martin, Kathy Griffin).