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Shooting for Efficiencies: Camera and Newsgathering Tech

While Panasonic will be showcasing a number of new products for camcorders, monitors and switchers at IBC, the company will also be using its largest-ever booth to focus on the grander theme of offering better solutions and technologies for more efficient operations and work flows.

“If you look at the amount of content that is being produced for reality shows, live events and other productions, one of the key issues is how can you save time and costs in managing all the content,” notes Christian Sokcevic, director of professional AV Europe at Panasonic.

As part of that theme, Panasonic will be demonstrating its AG-HPX250 camcorder, the AVC Ultra recording format and other tools meant to help streamline the production process.

Interest in using newer technology for delivering video from the field to studios or production centers for news, sports and other events using cellular networks is also high.

“We have seen a significant uptick in our penetration in the broadcast market,” reports Mike Savello, VP of sales at LiveU, which will be bringing an improved processor for its core LU60 product that delivers video via 3G and 4G cellular networks to IBC. “We are seeing stations everywhere move very quickly to adopt this technology. In fact, I’ve never seen the TV industry adopt a new technology this fast.”

To streamline the operations at stadiums, Grass Valley will be offering products that allow cameras to be connected to either fiber or Triax links.

“It has been tough for OB vans to deal with the fact that some venues use Triax while others use fiber,” notes Jeff Rosica, executive VP, chief sales and marketing officer at Grass Valley. “They can have some clients who use Triax and others who want to use fiber. So we will be showing a way around that: a new twin-bay station that is capable of using either one.”