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Shazam Works to Resonate With TV Industry

Shazam has launched a new integrated sales solution called Resonate and indicated that the new digital engagement platform has been adopted by eight TV players, including AMC, A+E, dick clark productions and Fuse at launch.

“Shazam has always pushed the boundaries when it comes to innovation and entertainment,” said Rich Riley, CEO, Shazam in a statement. ”Television is central to Shazam’s multi-platform media strategy, and our new Resonate service will give people an amazing user experience while also providing  the ability to monetize our massive audience in a more meaningful, powerful and effective way.”

The new integrated sales solution is designed to giving networks deep access to Shazam’s technology and more than 140 million U.S users.

It has already been used by dick clark productions at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards to drive real time fan voting to a Chevrolet branded voting page.

Separately, the second screen company also released data from a Nielsen study showing that campaigns by Absolut, Gillette, Jaguar and other brands with Shazam increased TV ad recall and likability.

The study found that Shazamable television ads outperform other ads from the same brands with 6% percent higher ad recall; 10% higher ad and brand recall; 14% higher ad, brand and message recall; and 13% higher recall and likeability.

“We’re always asked why making a TV ad Shazamable is worth it,” said Shazam CRO, Kevin McGurn in a statement announcing he study results. “Now that we can unequivocally say a Shazamable ad is more powerful, it’s one of the most cost effective ways to extend a brand’s TV campaign. It allows viewers to immediately get more from an ad they are curious about, using the app already on their phone and a behavior they are familiar with.”

The Nielsen study analyzed more than 25 Shazamable commercials in the auto, beer, retail, insurance, travel, financial, beverage and personal care industries.