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Shazam Maps App to 160 TV Nets

Shazam Entertainment, in a bid to become the default
second-screen app for American TV viewers, is enabling its auto-content
recognition features across live TV programming on more than 160 U.S. channels.

The U.K.-based company says it now has more than 250 million
users worldwide -- a user base far larger than any other second-screen app. But
Shazam is most widely known for its music-recognition features and to date it
has only Shazam-enabled certain high-profile TV programs and a smattering of

Now, the Shazam for TV service in the U.S. will recognize TV
programming on more than 160 broadcast and cable networks at any time of day.
The enhanced service will let Shazam users access cast details and photos,
music in the show, celebrity gossip, trivia and links to additional
information, as well as share and comment on shows via Facebook and Twitter.

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