Shazam Launches New Ad Measurement Effort

During the Cannes Lions International Festival of
Creativity, second-screen provider Shazam announced a new advertising metric
and service that it believes will help advertisers more accurately gauge the
effectiveness of TV advertising.

The new "Shazam Engagement Rate" combines third-party
industry data on the number of people viewing a particular ad with the number
of people who engaged with that same ad through Shazam's second-screen app. The
combined data is designed to show users information by show, type of show,
channel, day of week, day-part mix and other key breakdowns.

The new service will be initially available to Shazam for TV
advertisers in the U.S.

 "Shazam is already enhancing how millions of consumers
around the world engage with TV advertising," noted Shazam CEO Rich Riley in a
speech at Cannes Lions. "Now, we are able to help brand marketers measure the
impact of their ad campaigns using powerful data-driven insights never before
available, making it possible for companies to optimize their ad spend. At the
core of this innovative service, Shazam is unveiling a new television
advertising engagement metric, the Shazam Engagement Rate, showing brands when
and where their ad is -- or is not -- resonating with their target audience,
providing an invaluable and exclusive service to our clients."

Shazam's second-screen offering is used by 95 million users
in the US and over 325 million users globally.

The company reports that over 250 TV ad
campaigns from over 150 top global brands -- such as Pepsi, Toyota, Barclays,
and Sony Pictures -- have used Shazam for TV to sync up ads and other content
on second screens that are tied to the TV shows and ads they are viewing.