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Service Electric Plugs In TiVo

Service Electric Cable TV is preparing to launch a new TiVo-powered video platform that will be headed up by the Arris MG2 Cable Media Gateway that can support 4K and High Dynamic Range as well as over-the-top video services.

Service Electric’s whole-home set-up will also feature the TiVo Mini set-top client and TiVo apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The offering will also include personalized recommendations and integration of OTT apps and services such as Netflix and YouTube.

The new platform will also be capable of supporting other new features on TiVo’s roadmap, including voice navigation and anadvanced interface, called Hydra, that is starting to reach the market through TiVo partners such as Vodafone España.

Jim Denney, vice president of product management and strategy at TiVo, noted that the Series 6 gateway being rolled out by Service Electric is the same generation as the Bolt, TiVo’s current top-of-the-line retail whole-home DVR product.

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