See Peacock’s Ad Feathers at The Advanced Ad Summit

NBCUniversal will be showing of the innovative advertising formats it is planning for its streaming service Peacock at Future’s Advanced Advertising Summit on March 24 in New York.

Peacock will be a virtual Advanced Advertising laboratory and Josh Feldman, executive VP, head of marketing and advertising creative, will show off a variety of new ad formats.

Those include Solo Ads, which let a sponsor bring viewers an entire episode with a single ad; Explore Ads that align a commercial with relevant programming and let a viewer tack action by signing up for special deal or getting discounts sent to their phones; and On-Command ads, which lets consumers use their Comcast voice remote controls to interact with what’s on the screen.

When NBCU revealed its plans for Peacock in January, it explained why, unlike many other subscription services it would include advertising.

Consumers don’t just accept the relationship between advertising and content—they value it. And when that advertising is engaging and relevant? They actually love it,’ said Linda Yaccarino, NBCU’s chair for ad sales and partnerships..

“Ad-supported streaming is about more than giving consumers what they want. It’s also about giving advertisers what they desperately need,” she added.

What advertisers need is scale to create brand awareness, generate sales and ultimately boost stock prices, she said.

Signed up for Peacock as charter advertisers are Unilever, State Farm, Eli Lilly, and Target.

NBCU plans to use Peacock to remake what advertising on TV looks like. It will have five minutes or less of advertising and frequency caps to make sure viewers don’t see the same ads over and over.

Peacock will use data--including Comcast set-top-box data00 to make ads relevant and be transparent about how that data is being used, Yaccarino said. Advertisers will know exactly where their ads run and get full-funnel metric and attribution.

Peacock will employ some innovative ad format that NBCU has already rolled such as one-minute long Prime Pods and Shoppable TV.

“Any ad experience that’s already out there like in the market—like binge ads or pause ads—we’re going to dramatically improve them,” Yaccarino said. “But here’s the big news—we are creating entirely new ad experiences just for Peacock that will set it apart from anything else in the market.”

NBCU showed off many of those new ad experiences for media buyers and investors at the presentation, and Feldman will show them to attendees at the Advanced Advertising Summit.

“Anyone who wants to see the latest and greatest attempts to transform TV advertising and make it more effective must see this presentation,” said B+C Business Editor Jon Lafayette.